Finally a convenient way to bring the doctors office to you!

Offering DPC or in-network Primary Care Services on-site has never been easier than with Connect Clinic. We eliminate obstacles that keep employees from accessing Wellness and Primary Care Services.

Exams done at work – without the wait!

Connect Clinic works the same way as going to a normal doctor’s office…except the doctor comes to you. Employees just need to bring their insurance card and photo ID to see a provider. If an employee does not have insurance, an employer may still contract with Connect Clinic to participate in a biometrics screening event or other service.

Corporate Wellness

Connect Clinic’s uniqueness comes from our ability to provide the No-Copay Annual Wellness Visit ON-SITE! The same Annual Wellness Visit everyone is eligible to receive on a Major Medical plan can now be done during the workday with ease.

Mobile Doctor’s Office

Doctors and other practitioners looking to expand the reach of their practice will find Connect Clinic to be the perfect partner. Practitioners no longer have to limit themselves to just one physical location – they can now connect to privately-insured patients throughout the state in which they are licensed. 

Insurance Partners

Selling and retaining clients can be a difficult task for health insurance brokers and agents. As premiums continue to increase, marketplace buyers will often look to their brokers for answers and ways to keep their renewals under control.

Compare the TIME and COST SAVINGS with the Connect Clinic Program

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Connect Clinic provides on-site mobile Primary Care health clinics to employer groups. For years, on-site clinic strategies have been used to reduce healthcare claims costs, absenteeism, and increase employee productivity. However, the cost structures of the traditional brick and mortar solutions have created barriers for employer groups with multiple locations, or those that are too small to justify the expense.

Our logistics and technology approach is one that benefits the patients, employees, employers, doctors, insurance brokers, and health insurance carriers through a more efficient, closed-loop Primary Care delivery system. From working to help keep a local in-network Primary Care Physician connected each month or quarter, to running a clinic five days a week, we are here to serve your needs.